Marathon Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter

Marathon Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter

Fishing last evening for Marathon's Tarpon with a party of four from the UK
Kevin and carry,left the dock at eight,we delayed the trip from four, weather was bad, really bad, managed to make it to seven mile bridge,anchored up at night fall just East of key West Bank in about twelve feet, put a pin fish and a mullet out, wind really picked up, after twenty minutes of blacked out conditions , and great conversation, the drag starts peeling out!  Gig him on!
Carry of the UK fought the fish like a knight would defend his castle, seriously, she was on point, in pitch black conditions, forty minutes later, our silver king, eighty to hundred ten spit our battle back in our face,!!!! We lost him.

Dropped two pinfish back and continued our conversation where it was so Rudely interrupted by a hundred pounder only fourth five minutes earlier. Twenty minutes or less, another hundred pounder spits the hook in our faces again.
The cold front that we tried so hard to avoid , decided to finish what it started.
Two real tarpon, fought hard  by incredible anglers in the worst conditions at seven mile bridge, still exist for us to hook another day.
Thank you Kevin and Carrie,
Can't land everyone, but they are here!

Caught some Nice red fish with Tara and Patricia the day prior. Some Nice reds for Marathon Florida.
Perfect eaters, hard fighters excellent anglers.

Marathon Florida Red Fish


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