Florida Keys Deep Wreck Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing: Florida Keys Deep Wreck Fishing:

Marathon Florida Keys reef donkeys

Fishing the deep wrecks just off Marathon's Reef System in 70-200 ft. of water is another way to experience the great angling opportunities Marathon Florida Keys Fishing has to offer. These structures hold black groupers, amberjacks, mutton snappers and a range of other species. We mainly target black grouper and mutton snapper with live baits. We use conventional tackle with flourocarbon leaders. Our baits of choice are live blue runners,live pilchards and live pinfish. These baits are fished on or just off the bottom while drifting over these wrecks. Grouper on these Marathon Wrecks can be large, some reaching 300 lbs and requiring brute strength and heavy gear. The beasts know what they are doing and usually head straight for their favorite hole were they flare their gills and lock up tight. The mutton snappers on the other hand can be found on and away from the Marathon Wrecks lurking in the sand holes surrounding the wrecks. A pinfish drifted close by is often eaten to the delight of the skipper!!! Mutton snapper is great table fare either on the grill or in the pan! The deep wrecks of the Florida keys are yet another reason to start your angling adventures here in Marathon with our Sport Fishing Charters.


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